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Collegeof Business Administration,


KingSaud University,P.O. Box 2459, Riyadh, 11451 (Office)
                                    P.O. Box 56508, Riyadh, 11564  (Home)
Nationality: Saudi Arabian

CHQ                           1999                Certificate In Healthcare Quality
                                                                        University of Oklahoma
Ph.D.                          1995                Health and Hospital Administration
                                                                        Wales University, Wales
MHHA                         1990                Health and Hospital Administration
                                                                        KingSaud University
Postgrad. Diploma        1986                Operational Research
                                                                        Lancaster University, England
B.A.                            1984               Quantitative Methods
                                                                        King Saud University
Academic Appointments:
2005-present   Professor                      Master’s Program in Hospital &
1999-2005         Associate Professor     Health Administration, Public Admin Dept
1995-1999         Assistant Professor       King Saud University.
2001-present   Adjunct Professor         Libral Studies, University of Oklahoma
Jan/1998-2000  Faculty member          Quality management Diploma,
   Training Program, MOH, Riyadh.
1990-1995         Lecturer                        Master’s Program in Hospital &
                                                    Health Administration
                                                    Public Administration Dept.
                                                    King Saud University.
1987-1990         Teaching Assistant      Master’s Program in Hospital &
                                                    Health Administration
                                                    Public Administration Dept.
                                                    King Saud University.
1984-1987         Teaching Assistant     Quantitative Methods  Dept.
                                                    King Saud University.
Administrative Appointments:
Dec 2006-present  Chair Department of Management College of Business Administration,  KingSaud University
2002-present  Scientific consultant      The Institute of Health Studies, Riyadh.

2000-2001       Director                         Research Center, College of Admin. Sciences,

                                                                          KingSaud University.

2001-present  Quality consultant         The National Company forCooperative      
                                                               Insurance (NCCI)

Sep. 1997-2000     Coordinator            Master’sProgram inHospital&HealthAdmin.
                                                        Public Administration Dept.
                                                        King Saud University.
1996-present  PlanningConsultant  KingAbdulAzizCityforScience&Technology.
1997-2002      Part-time consultant    Saudi MOH
1996-1998     Adm. Director                 Prince Salman Center For Disability Research.

                 (Part time)                                                  
- Bachelor curriculum committee at the Department of Management, Jan-2007-present
- Stirring committee for college curricula, Jan-2007-present
- Quality and strategic planning committee at the university level, Oct 2007-present.
- Stirring committee for strategic planning at the Saudi MOH  Jan 2005-Jan 2006.
- Accreditation Committee at the NCCI   Feb-2001-June 2007.
- Master’s Curriculum Committee at King Saud Univ, 1996-‏1997and2003-2004.
- Hospital&Health Administration Master’s Program Committee, 1995-present.
- Students’ Affaires Committee at King Saud Univ, 1995-2000.
- Admin DevelopmentCommatKingKhalid UnivHospital, Oct/1996-March 1997.
- Private Sector involvement  in the Disability issues at PSCDR, Nov/1996-1998.
- Quality Management Committee (MOH), Dec.1996-Dec.1997.
- Financial-Resources Development Comm at PSCDR, Feb. 1997- 1998.
- Educational Committee at PSCDR, Sep. 1997-Jan. 1998.
- University Hospitals’ Financial Resources Committee, Nov. 26 1997-1998.
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Training programs:
1. "Health and Hospital Administration" April 2005, AlHammadi hospital. Riyadh.
2. "Supervisory Skills in Health settings" December 2004, Alfanateer Hospital, Al-Jubail.
3. "Developing supervisory skills" July 2004, King Fahad hospital, Jeddah.
4. "Healthcare quality management" June 2004. Specialized hospital, Riyadh.
5. "Health Service Research and Data Analysis", April 2004, Dallah Hospital, Riyadh.
6. "TQM" 6-7 October2003, Insurance Hospital. Riyadh.
7. "Problem Solving in Health Organizations" 14-16 July 2002, Insurance Hospital. Riyadh.
8." Team-work in Health Organizations" 30 June-2 July/2002, Insurance Hospital. Riyadh.
9. "Communication Skills"  June/2002, Insurance Hospital.
10. "Data Analysis using SPSS" 1420H, Riyadh.
11. "Communication Skills" 1419H, Saudi Telecom., Buraida.
12. "Quality management for MOH staff" 1418l1419. and 1420/1421H, MOH, Riyadh.
13. "Hospital Administration"  May 1996. Chamber of  Commerce, Riyadh.
Academic work:
1. Teaching "Research Methods", undergraduate level.
2. Teaching "Research Methods", graduate level.
3. Teaching "Decision-making and problem solving", graduate level.
4. Teaching "Data Analysis using SPSS", graduate level.
5. Teaching "Healthcare Quality management", graduate level.
6. Teaching "Comparative Health systems", graduate level.
7. Supervised more than 25 Master’s Dissertations in the field of “Hospital and Health Administration”.
8. Currently supervising three Master’s Dissertations in the field of “Hospital and Health Administration”.
9. Currently supervising two Master-thesis  in the field of “Public  Administration and three Master's research projects in “Hospital and Health Administration”.
Peer reviwer for:
1-  The Saudi Medical Journal, Riyadh
2-  Medical Science Monitor, New York
3-  Family and Community Medicin, Dammam
4-  The Journal of King Saud University/ Admin Sciences, Riyadh
5-  Universityof Prince Nief for Security Sciences, Riyadh.
6-  The Journal of Public Administration, Riyadh
7-  The Journal of King AbdulAziz University/ Economics and Administration,Jeddah
8-  King AbdulAziz City for Science and technology, Riyadh
9-  The research center for Admin Sciences at Kinf Saud University, Riyadh